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Exif reader

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Exif stands for "Exchangeable Image File Format". Its a type of metadata that is embedded in a photo file, such as a JPEG image. This metadata can include information about the camera that took the photo, the settings used by the camera, the date the photo was taken, and other details. An Exif reader is a tool that can extract and display this metadata from a photo file. There are many Exif readers available, ranging from web-based tools to standalone software programs. Some photo editing software, such as Adobe Photoshop, also have the ability to read and display Exif metadata. Using an Exif reader, you can view details about a photo that may not be visible when you simply look at the image itself. For example, you can see what camera and lens were used to take the photo, the ISO setting of the camera, the exposure time, and other technical details. This information can be useful for photographers or anyone who is interested in learning more about how a particular photo was taken.

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